About Us



Established for 20 years by Neil Chapman, Pass To Go Go is an ever growing driving school offering manual and automatic driving lessons, covering Maidstone to Tonbridge and the surrounding towns and villages.

Experienced and qualified Pass To Go Go is a DVSA Grade A Approved Driving School and offers you everything you need to become a fully licenced driver.

We never forget that the majority of our business is by personal recommendation!! This reputation has to be earned and we are justly proud.


Automatic Driving Lessons


Here at Pass To Go Go we understand the need for some drivers to learn in an automatic car. It would be true to say that in general it is a little easier and can be done in less time. We specialise in intensive courses for automatic lessons, but we can manage lessons in 2 hour slots as well. 

As a driving school we are aware on the impact petrol and diesel cars have on the environment and have taken the step of being one of the only schools in the UK to use an Electric Car. It is a joy to drive and the feedback we have from pupils is extremely positive. Importantly, note that a licence gained in an electric car entitles you to drive any automatic car. It is our belief that it will not be long before they are the norm rather than the exception, and the need for a manual licence will decrease dramatically.

So if you have tried a manual car and found it is not for you, this is the answer!


How Does An Intensive Course Work?

Firstly we need to set a period when you have the time. This could be a school holiday or time off from work.

Initially we will need you to pass the theory test and we can help with this, from making the booking to providing online sites to help with the learning. Once the theory test is gained we will book your test at a suitable time and the rest is easy!

Just think you could be on the road next month! If you are thinking of an intensive course please contact us and we can fit a plan in with your circumstances.


Need less hours? If you already have some driving experience and need less hours than we have listed, contact us and a package can be agreed at a reduced price.